Safe Sport 101 Playbook

The x’s & o’s of creating safe & fun sport

This self-guided 8-part free eLearning series provides coaches with a winning game plan for building successful sport experiences on and off the playing field.

At less than 15 minutes, each module can be taken in any order, and at your own pace.


You’ll be able to describe strategies to nurture participants’ motivation for success in sport.

Positive Team Dynamics

You’ll be able to identify the qualities of positive team and peer dynamics in sport.

A Person Centred Approach

You’ll be able to use a person-centred approach when interacting with participants.


You’ll be able to identify key boundaries in the coach-participant relationship.

A Caring Culture

You’ll be able to describe a caring culture in sport.

Safe, Inclusive & Welcoming Spaces

You’ll be able to contribute to creating safe, inclusive, and welcoming spaces in sport.

Punishment and Discipline

You’ll be able to shift from punishment to using discipline strategies that encourage learning.

Mental Health

You’ll be able to identify key elements to support mental health in participants.