Giving coaches the tools they need to make sport safe, inclusive and fun for all!

Coaches play an integral role in shaping the environment and experience for all participants.

A coach is among the top most influential people on a young person’s life.

adult Ontarians have coached!

Ontario Coaching Report

The state of coaching sport in Ontario research study & findings for all levels of sport & recreation.

Safe Sport 101 Playbook

Free self-guided 8-part eLearning series on how to create safe & fun sport on & off the playing field.

Community Coaching Grant

Purchasing the tools you need to keep the costs of sport affordable & keeping safety top of mind.


Sport participation provides numerous benefits affecting physical, social, mental, and emotional outcomes.

Creating the best possible experience starts with the right resources and training you can find here!


feel coaching has benefited them in areas of their life outside of sport.

Support Optimal Health & Wellness

Learn how to safeguard your athlete’s mental and emotional health.

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Create Positive Sport

Create a positive sport environment that emphasizes growth, development – and most importantly – fun!

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Prevent Injuries

Learn how to safeguard your athlete’s physical well-being on the playing field.

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Foster Inclusion & Belonging

Ensuring your athletes feel a sense of belonging creates greater team cohesion and stronger ties among families, neighbourhoods and communities.

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Implement Safety Guidelines

Apply policies that set btehaviour expectations for transparent and safe interactions with athletes.

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